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Full Shoulder Examination

Video Transcription

0:00 It is important to emphasize that the complete shoulder examination should not take long to perform. Here we are demonstrating inspection, palpation, both front and back.
0:30 Neck examination, which is a vital part of a shoulder examination and can be preformed at any stage of the examination.
0:48 The range of movement, both active and passive, in forward flexion.
1:04 Abduction
1:15 Extend rotation
1:25 and Internal Rotation
1:32 It is important at all times to watch the patient’s facial expression for pain.
1:47 The belly press or Napolean Test
1:55 Gerber’s lift-off test
2:02 Hawkins Kennedy Test for Impingement
2:09 Scarf Test for AC Joint pathology
2:16 The Empty Can and Full Can Test for Impingement
2:25 O’Brien’s Test
2:35 Speed Test
2:38 And Yergason’s Test for Biceps
2:51 Instability Test with the inferior sulcus sign
2:59 Anterior Translation
3:03 Anterior Apprehension
3:09 Jobe Relocation Test
3:16 Inferior Apprehension
3:20 And Posterior Apprehension

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